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Our company supports Public Health by providing high quality services and products for the proper conduct of the day by day activities of state and private hospitals, private practices, testing laboratories, public health departments, public health institutes, dental clinics, and forensic medicine institutes.

It is well known that a big share of operations in this field is carried out in laboratories, tipically requiring products and services such as:

  • laboratory reagents (high-purity chemical reagents, solvents, decalcification solutions, formaldehyde, mounting media reagents, paraffin etc);
  • histological staining solutions (hematoxylin, Papanicolau staining kit,  May-Grünwald  stain, Giemsa stain, eosin stain, coloring kits, etc.);
  • laboratory supplies: boxes (biopsy, metal, plastic); blades/slides (microscope microtome);
  • various supplies (microscope slides storage boxes, histological cassettes sponges, histological parts storage containers, filter paper, collecting brushes, latex gloves, etc.);
  • laboratory glassware (beakers, flasks, funnels, pipettes, cylinders, ball shape flasks, bottles, burettes etc.);
  • dissection tools (trays and stainless steel vessels, forceps, clamps, chisels, dissecting kits, knives etc);
  • laboratory equipment (microscopes, mixers, stoves, water baths, distillers, microtomes  etc.);

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