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Chemical Company Products

Chemical Company provides a wide range of services designed to support pharmaceutical businesses, ranging from products involved in the production and packaging stage to those playing an important role in the quality and safety assurance of the manufacturing process.

What can we do

  • We have a universal installation for synthesis of small tonnage and in the same time great value products (kilo-lab)
  • We are taking customer orders with technology and make the pilot scale reactions
  • We are taking optimized technologies and translate them from laboratory to industrial scale
  • We produce API's & we are in process of GMP accreditation

Chemical processes that we can perform:

  • Esterification reactions
  • Redox reactions
  • Reactions of breaking methoxy  group
  • Diazotisation reactions
  • Azo coupling reactions

Our services have been used in medicine and supplementary pharmaceuticals factories (soluble capsules), in laboratories for processing medicinal plants and producing phyto-dragees, tinctures, ointments and other natural products; research laboratories which manufacture vaccines and therapeutic sera.

Some of the products we offer in this area are:

  • testing reagents for quality control of raw materials used in the manufacturing of medicine / dietary supplements / natural products: solvents for HPLC and GC chromatography, volumetric solutions, indicators, buffers, drying agents, diethyl ether, etc .;
  • culture media and specific products for microbiology (agar, culture media, revitalization, sucrose, dextrose, egg yolk emulsion);
  • technical products for disinfection and cleaning (sodium hypochlorite, formaldehyde, etc.).

To view the full range of products dedicated to this field, visit the Products page from the submenu.

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