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Chemical Company Products

Other areas of reference for our products and services:


Agriculture – Fertilizer soils

We offer to customers in these area products like:

  • chemicals containing nitrogen, phosphorus, essential micronutrients (molybdenum, copper, zinc, manganese);
  • chemicals for disinfecting production halls (formalin);
  • chemical products for maintaining hives (oxalic acid, formic acid) etc.



For this area we provide chemicals used in:

  • cleaning concrete mixers (ProConcreat Wash);
  • asphalt analysis: chloroform, trichlorethylene.


Printing industry

We can offer to our customers which are working in this field cleaning installation agents, organic solvents (trichlorethylene, acetone, ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, etc.).


Metallurgical industry

To customers in this area, we offer products such as:

  • chemical reagents for laboratory chemical analysis of finished products (mineral acids, indicators, bases, solvents, specific kits for the determination of zinc, iron, lead, etc);
  • chemicals for cleaning / maintaining manufacturing equipment (nitric acid, monoethylene glycol, water bi-distilled).


Textile industry

To our customers we can offer this area solvents for cleaning production equipment.


To view the full range of products dedicated to this field, visit the Products page from the submenu.

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