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The most effective means to combat and limit water pollution is purifying the wastewater before discharge. Such public services, essential for the society, are supported by our activities through constant collaboration with municipalities, thermal power stations, water companies, thermal supply companies, municipal/industrial wastewater purifying and collecting outshot and cleaning services companies.

Among the specific products that our company offers to institutions from this area include:

  • treating water chemicals (potassium permanganate, ferric chloride, sodium hypochlorite, etc.);
  • specific chemicals in landfills (sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid);
  • chemicals used in the production of thermal energy equipment (ammonia etc.);
  • chemicals for maintaining of industrial installations (silica gel, petroleum ether, trisodium phosphate, potassium hydroxide, citric acid, etc.);
  • laboratory reagents / kits / rapid tests for evaluating specific indicators of drinking, industrial, cooling, heating water and wastewater quality (buffer, pH standard solutions, tests to determine phosphates, chlorides, ammonium salts, heavy metals , residual hardness, indicators, hydroxylamine hydrochloride, EDTA di-Na);
  • chemicals for treating wastewater from treatment installations (ferric chloride, aluminum sulfate, ferrous sulfate, sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide);
  • laboratory glassware and equipment (burette, a range of glasses / bottles from both laboratory and polypropylene heat-resistant glass, thermometers, stirrers, pH electrodes, analytical balances, etc.).

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