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We consider this area as being of an utmost importance for providing to the community a strong economic system and we pay a special attention and dedication to the collaboration with higher education institutions, high-schools, secondary schools and research institutes in helping them with their daily activities.

Among the products offered by our company to specific institutions in this area, we include:

  • high purity chemical reagents for gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, spectrometry, chemical analysis;
  • organic and inorganic chemicals (acids, bases, salts, solvents, indicators, etc.);
  • laboratory supplies;
  • custom products.

Also, for basic research, we ensure besides the usual reagents for chemical tests, products for organic synthesis (halogenation, oxidation) and solvents and reagents for derivatization needed in HPLC and GC chromotography or spectroscopy and kits for photometric analysis.

For applied research laboratories, we provide various types of volumetric liquors, high purity salts liquors for atomic spectroscopy, drying agents (calcium chloride, silica gel, molecular sieves, and calcium oxide), solvents and auxiliaries for the coatings synthesis. Chemical synthesis laboratories are also provided with a wide range of chemicals for the acquisition, development and improvement of existing products.

We highly appreciate the direct benefits and results that research institutes bring to our field of activity by creating new products or by developing and improving the existing ones, enabling us to further improve our customer service.

To view the full range of products dedicated to this field, visit the Products page from the submenu.


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