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Chemical Company Products

In this area we undertake a conscious and sustainable development policy for the environment and we offer quality services to improve manufacturing and production processes, such as those in the biodiesel plants, fertilizer plants, chemical organic and inorganic base plants or synthetic fibers, oil and gas industry.

Among the specific products that our company offers to partners from this area include:

  • chemical reagents for analyzing the conformity of products introduced in the manufacturing process, and also in the final products;
  • chemical reagents for usual laboratory analysis (acids, bases, salts, indicators, volumetric solutions, etc.);
  • supplies for specific tests (tests to determine chemical oxygen demand, buffers, standard solutions, active charcoal, silica gel);
  • laboratory supplies / glassware: pipettes, bottles clock iodine metric bottles, burettes, weighing vials, exicators, etc.;
  • technical products for maintenance of wells for oil extraction;
  • technical products for cleaning production equipment.

To view the full range of products dedicated to this field, visit the Products page from the submenu.

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