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The auto engineering and metal processing industry play a decisive role in the economy, bringing added value and mobility to all our daily activities by providing a very wide range of end products. This industry is closely related and strongly supported by the chemical and metallurgical industries.

Therefore, our range of products and services in this field, provide support to our partners' activities, such as:

  • manufacturing the components for the aircraft industry (systems and turbine engines, mechanical components, systems for helicopters);
  • manufacture wire articles (chains, springs);
  • manufacturing the automotive / auto filters: gear (trees teeth), injection pumps, injectors, automotive electronics;
  • manufacturing products using chemical photogravure and photo clipping in metal (automotive, aircraft, medical and jewelry manufacturing);
  • bearings manufacturing;
  • manufacture parts and equipment for the printing industry;
  • precious metals manufacturing.

To view the full range of products dedicated to this field, visit the Products page from the submenu.

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